Frieze Art Fair 2015

14 May 2015 to 17 May 2015
<br> We are happy to announce that the Salwa Zeidan Gallery will be taking part in the Select Fair in New York this May 13 - 17 as part of FRIEZE ART FAIR. One of the main artists whose works will be exhibited at this event is an up and coming artist from Saudi Arabia called Mashael Fal. At a time where much controversy and negative imagery is associated with the Arab world, Mashael is set on showing a totally different side of Arabia; one that portrays women of this region as strong, outspoken, educated and beautiful. Her mission is to highlight a successful merger between East and West by tapping into women from the region and the world. Mashael made her official debut at Select Fair Miami last year and we look forward to showcasing her works at various art fairs around the world in the months and years to come. To learn more about her works, please review her profile on our website by clicking here or by logging on to her website . Mashael Fahad Al-Athel, a Saudi female artist who was born in Riyadh 1979. Ever since she first held a paintbrush Mashael knew that art would play a major role in her life. But just how major of a role she was yet to find out. If you see her work you would know that her passion for life and its expression is present in each of her pieces. Known to work at night, she finds that her creativity is most alive during the quietening of her surrounding. The romantic nature and stillness of the night have always been the perfect setting for her creativity to shine. She used her art as her meditation for all her life as she also pursued her economics studies and business career. More than mere paintings Mashael is known for making statements. Her painting are usually on large canvas' and host an even larger message. Her deep rootedness in culture is a reoccurring theme in her work but with louder colors that reflect her personality and appetite for life. The love for culture mixed with the modernness of her thinking bridges a gap that makes her vision of the world so realistic and relatable as well as her artwork so desirable.