India Art Fair 2012

25 Jan 2012 to 29 Jan 2012
Salwa Zeidan Gallery plans to showcase the works of several prominent artists in the Middle East region each in their own medium including two of the United Arab Emirates’ first and most established and respected artists, Hassan Sharif and Abdul Qader Al Rais whose works have been of great inspiration to the generations that followed in their footsteps. Also featured are two of the UAE’s most promising young emerging talents Fatema Al Mazrouie and Faiza Mubarak whose works can be found amongst some of the country’s finest art collections including those of members of the royal family and diplomats residing in the country. A highlight would be renowned poet, philosopher and painter Adonis, widely considered one of the most influential Arab cultural figures of our time. Arya Azadi, an American sculptor who relocated to India several years ago will also be showcasing her latest works made of marble and produced in India itself. Salwa Zeidan will also be exhibiting her latest installation with an iconic piece that marks her transition from paintings into sculptures and installations. Last but not least, photography of the region at its finest through the lenses of Princess Reem Al Faisal who captures the divine through her photographs. She is considered one of the most prominent photographers in the Arab world and is an active supporter of emerging talents in her native country Saud Arabia.