Abdul Aziz Al Fadli

Abdul Aziz Mohammad Saeed Al-Fadli is an artist and calligrapher from Abu Dhabi. His works reflect an innovative combination of science and art, which is akin to a symphony or a poem that honours the "Great" Arabic letters.
Influenced since childhood by acclaimed Arab and Turkish calligraphers as well as internationally renowned artists, he developed a genuine classical style, rich in structure and colour and then proceeded further in his exploration and practice. Through studies and analysis of Arabic calligraphy, Al-Fadli developed an innovative, individual style that while conserving common rules and theme-based, may sometimes seem unconventional. Throughout his short career in art he has participated in many exhibitions locally and abroad.
Al-Fadli has also traveled extensively and is a poet, writer and a researcher in Islamic social history and philosophy. He has also studied music and photography and has worked in theatre for many years.

Artist Statement:
"I believe that creating a painting is like giving birth to a child. It starts with selecting a specific theme, influenced by elements such as figurative and mystic imagery. Then follows the design of preliminary models that elaborate on the beauty and the meaning of the theme for the viewer. Once a model is selected, it is modified and revised and suitable paper and ink are selected before beginning the execution phase. Once the work is finished, it is left for a while before being revisited. This process is repeated until I am fully convinced that it is ready for exhibiting. It is not an easy process. Throughout all these phases, the painting is checked until I deem it complete. Only then it is exhibited."