Fatema Al Mazrouie

Fatema Al Mazrouie was born in Abu Dhabi, UAE where she currently resides. She completed her bachelor degree in Visual Art and Design at Zayed University, UAE in 2008.

Fatema’s solo and group exhibitions mostly took place in the United Arab Emirates. Her work recently earned her a spot amongst the 50 representative Emirati artists at the Art Foundation in Paris, France.
Fatema’s artworks were chosen and bartered to Dr. Nasser Al Khalili collection in the year 2008. After she joined the SalwaZeidan Gallery in 2009 major collectors in the UAE added her artworks to their private collections. One of her notable collectors is the infamous Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi where some of her works are currently on display.

Fatema’sartwork is about a notion of a woman, in specific, a Muslim woman stereotype – what she thinks about, how she expresses her ideas, religious beliefs, values, traditions and how she, throughout her life, comprehend and perceive the society around her. Her work is not in any way restricted to one particular genre or a singular concept and are constantly evolving.

One of her pieces was auctioned at Sotheby’s in Qatar 2010 and has been selected by Lepsien Art Foundation to take part in one of the most reputed residency programs in the world.

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