Kourosh Salehi

Kourosh Salehi is part of a group of post-revolution Iranian artists who have merged East-Western traditions and have invented a new language of exile, and in this regard is considered as one of the significant painters of his generation. Identity plays a significant role in Salehi’s work.Born in Iran and raised in London, he studied traditional Persian painting as a child and later attended art school in the UK. His dual cultural heritage is intensely present in his work. His paintings construct a narrative of an emotional severance from people, places and time: a personal journey which is patched together using old letters, photos, digital imagery and hand drawings, and retold with passion and candor. Salehi’s paintings are vivid in tone yet layered with vintage imagery. The viewer is placed as the protagonist of his narrative, and engaged in a dialogue with his characters.
He has been making films and video art since 1992. His video art films which are generally shot in Iran are both intense and dreamlike. They represent a temporal distortion of memory, and the process of creating a personal mythology. They each have a story to tell and in this sense are closer to narrative based films than conventional video art. Longing and reconciliation are common themes and are repeatedly invoked in his films. Salehi has had numerous group and solo exhibitions in Europe and the Middle East.

Queen of Hearts III: Farah Diba

Queen of Hearts I: Um Kulthum

Walk in the right side

The Date

Sweet Dreams 1