Mohamed Abu El Naga

Born in Egypt in 1960, Mohamed Abouelnaga graduated with honors from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria and later acquired a Masters Degree in Fine Arts and a PhD In Philosophy of Arts from Alexandria University.

Mohamed Abouelnaga studied papermaking extensively in Egypt and in Japan. Paper is a medium that has proven particularly conducive to Abouelnaga's communicative art. Abouelnaga combines the tactile qualities of his handmade paper with color from natural oxides to create paintings and installations.

His images combine intuitive strokes and bold design to address subjects from history to current affairs. His work generated great interest when it went on view at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the new Library of Alexandria, where it remains on permanent exhibition. Another installation, Alters for Other Sacrifices, is a more somber presentation. It features lithographic prints and sculptures made of cast paper, inspired by ancient steles. This paper pillar, unlike the ancient stone ones, preserve natural history as well as human history in their inlaid traces of organic matter.

Mohamed Abu El Naga's newest project is called "Book of secrets".

He produces books with precious materials, such as decorated pages, covered with gold foil, but mostly the book will be presented closed,
but the golden pages can be seen from the outside. The book itself is surrounded by a sense of holiness and imporatance.
It is a book of secrets, which everyone of us holds hidden inside. It is a book of the past, the present and the future.

In the heritage of both Islamic religion and Ancient Egyptian (as well as most other religions) it is believed that there is a life after death and everyone will present his inner book to God for judgement. This book holds all the secrets, all what was done.
Consequently speaking, the Book of Secrets is the human being himself.

Book of Secrets

Book of Secrets 2

Book of Secrets 3