Racha Bennett

Racha Zeidan started learning photography in 2006. She attended online workshops at the Perfect Picture School of Photography, and won awards during her training at Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai.
Racha worked on multiple commercial photography projects in different styles.
In 2011, Racha created her first two art projects, one using photography as a medium, and the other using video. Racha now lives in the USA and creates a photography art project each time she gets inspired. Her projects and photographs can be seen here www.rachazeidan.com.

Racha was exposed to art at a very early age when her mother, Salwa Zeidan now an established artist gallerist and curator, began her painting career in the 90’s. Racha's keen desire to support her mother led her to get deeply involved in organizing art shows, selling and curating art as well as attending a variety of international exhibitions, galleries, art fairs and museums around the world.

Working alongside her mother for more than two decades, Racha gained tremendous experience in all the facets of art from creation, production, set up, promotion, marketing and exhibition, to the auctioning of artworks.



The Wish

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