Saurabh Narang

Saurabh was born in 1975 near New Delhi and received training in art quite early at Welham Boys Dehradun. He was early exposed to theatre and performance art which led him to conceptualize a spectacular psychedelic show "Cosmic Karma" which was overwhelmingly successful and laid profound foundations for his journey.

Structural Design and Spaces have always been an integral part of his visualization thus he chose Le Corbusier designed Government Museum Art Gallery in Le Corbusier architectural marvel city Chandigarh for his first solo exhibit "Cosmic Karma ... A Resurgence". Straight after he was commissioned for many esteemed art projects and his work has been displayed in numerous group exhibits all over India and internationally including the successful solo exhibit "A Flight from Infinity to Vicinity … Vicinity to Infinity" at India’s one of the most distinguished gallery, the Visual Arts Gallery at India Habitat Centre New Delhi in 2009.

Co-incidences have always been significant recurrences in Saurabh’s journey and so much integral in compositional thought process as is a presence of knowing life goes beyond enclosures. On a wider level one could say that everything is interconnected through time and space so much arrives beyond our means completely unplanned and in shape of co-incidences as if sent by the profound super consciousness. Saurabh’s renderings are visual formations of precision lines articulately rendered over a two dimensional surface so detailed and intricately textured that they induce a perception of three dimensionality and present far reaching multi dimensional planes.

The discovery by Salwa Zeidan Gallery before the India Art Fair 2012 was another sheer beautiful co-incidence in Saurabh’s life. Saurabh also writes poetry.

A bridge across in the far red revisited

Aviation 1

Aviation 2