Seungwoo Hwang

Graduate of the Fine Art Academy in Carrara, this Korean born artist currently lives in Italy and has participated and acted as a commissioner in over 25 International Symposia.

His authentic and highly recognizable style can be seen in a number of significant public commissions in Bahrain (National Museum), Damascus (Syrian National Library), Korea, Australia, Norway, Spain and U.A.E (Burj Dubai).

He have been working at symposia since 1997 when he attended his first one in Italy. It gave him the invaluable experience of being able to communicate with other artists and an opportunity to understand different cultures. This experience enabled him to gain an understanding of the basic structure of expression, emotion and human activity. That kind of practical experience and research is different from learning in an academic or theoretic sense. “Reconciliation” is the only way to live together.


Unknow Quantity