Omar Zeidan Solo Exhibition 2017

11 Jan 2017 to 29 Jan 2017


January 11-29-2017
Private Viewing: Sunday, 15th of January from 5 - 8 p.m

Salwa Zeidan Gallery is pleased to present “Focus” a solo exhibition by Omar Zeidan, a talented Lebanese mixed-media artist.

Powerful and ambitious, this young man who seems shy and sensitive in person, transcends life and artistry into every single one of his enigmatic works.
Genuinely fixated on the craft of creating; Omar is adamant on projecting every individualistic aspect of himself into his art and believes the mission of every artist is to find his uniqueness through every piece.
His passion for examining the layers beyond the surface of things enables him to dive into the environment around him in search of the unseen. His quest, that begins from the lens of his camera, reveals revisited, even transformed, aspects of the visual. In every frame, colors are reinvented and morphed until what is left is an invitation to explore the world through Omar’s eyes, for a moment.

Contemporary in nature, Omar’s works are a digital reflection of the times and highlights Islamic and Middle Eastern tradition through floral ornaments and abstraction.
In my opinion we must thoroughly observe the artistic development of this young emerging artist. Why? Zeidan is about to create a bridge between the visual worlds of East and West; bridging cultures and seemingly disparate visual worlds. We need more people like him: People without blinkers. Bringing peace, harmony and unity to this universe. Through his extremely sensitive perception and his know-how of small interventions and the art of cutting out a specific detail from its context, Zeidan fuels his artworks with substance. They become meaningful, controversial and provoke the viewer to think for him/herself. What they see is not mere bricks or flowers anymore, but a powerful yet mysterious pieces of works.

About The Artist:
Omar Zeidan, is a young, mixed media Lebanese artist. This multi-talented artist’s passion for art began at a very early age, when he started painting alongside his mother, Salwa Zeidan an established sculptor and painter. He created his first sculpture when he was only 12 years old and later expanded his passion to the field of music, and this proved to be very fruitful for shaping and further nurturing his current artistic expression. His artistic sensibility gradually progressed through time to meet his own pace of development and growth. Refusing to be influenced by other artists or conventional artistic expressions, he pursued his own path, searching for distinction and identity in everyday scenes.
Today his artworks can be found in various collections, public spaces, Hospitals and 5 star hotels including the Rocco Forte Hotel in Abu Dhabi, His paintings where exhibited in Abu Dhabi Art fair, Bahrain Art Fair, and 3 solo shows and numerous group exhibitions at the Salwa Zeidan Gallery.